About GFR

Club Code of Conduct

All Members and Guests participating in any activity under the auspices of Glasgow FrontRunners are required to abide by the Club’s Code of Conduct.


Personal Safety

You are responsible for your own safety and for the safety of other participants in Club events.  You must be clear about the nature of the event before you take part, and be comfortable that it is within your capabilities – please contact the Race Secretary or President if you would like clarification.  You must ensure that you wear appropriate clothing for the event.



GFR, through its affiliation to Scottish Athletics, has third party public liability insurance that protects the Club and Club Members (only) against being sued as a result of activities organized by the Club.  That insurance is not personal accident or travel insurance and you are advised to take out appropriate insurance, especially for events which are abroad or where payment has to be made in advance.


Behaviour and Respect for Others

Participants in GFR activities must behave responsibly and comply with the law. This means, for example, abiding by rights of way legislation, and avoiding behaviour which could be perceived as unreasonable, infringe public decency or bring the Club into disrepute.

GFR is an equal opportunities Club and welcomes all adults, regardless of race, religion, sex, sexual orientation or physical ability.  GFR is a group where people can meet and enjoy friendship in an open and relaxed environment. Members

and Guests shall treat each other and members of the public with respect.  No Member or Guest should feel that they have to disclose personal information or explain any aspect of their lifestyle.

Members and Guests will have differing levels of comfort about their sexuality and some may be nervous about participating in a group that seeks to encourage LGBT involvement in the sporting and local community.  Please be especially sensitive to other Members and Guests in this regard.  Members with particular responsibilities within GFR (e.g. committee members) should take special care not to take advantage of that position, either deliberately or unwittingly.

It is acceptable to take photographs at Club events but Members and Guests should not photograph anyone against their will.  If you intend to submit the photograph to the newsletter or the website you should advise the people you are photographing of that.  The Club may use photographs submitted to it for publicity purposes.



Details of people and events provided to Members are done so for their use in attending or organising GFR events and should not be passed to non-Members except to enable them to attend an event as a Guest.

The Club keeps addresses and other information about Members securely and will never share those details with third parties, except for the purposes of Club affiliation.


Limits to Authority

GFR gains useful publicity through press exposure and websites/social networking sites.  However, please do not make statements on behalf of the Club unless you are authorized to do so.  If you have ideas for publicity, please contact a Committee Member.  You may not commit the Club to any expenditure unless you are specifically authorized to do so.


Supporting GFR

GFR welcomes guests to its events.  If a Guest continues to attend events after their first free trial run, they will be encouraged to join the Club as a Member, or to pay the current Guest Fee.

GFR functions entirely on voluntary effort – no-one is paid for their work on behalf of the Club.  We encourage all Members to support the Club by helping to run it, which might be through organizing an event, hosting visitors, or working for the Committee.