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C25K – 2016 Graduate, Sharn Anderson

March 11th, 2016

Sharn Anderson shares her experience of the 2016 Couch 2 5K:

Couch to 5k…… a run in the park!
After just completing my first timed 5k I have to thank glasgow front runners for offering a couch to 5k programme.
Nine weeks ago I literally could not run the length of myself and struggled to run for even a minute! Those days are long gone and now I have achieved a time of 35 mins for my first 5k park run. Something I am incredibly proud of!

The programme is a fantastic way to get back into, or start a fitness regime, so much so I actually feel the difference when I miss a run! Now I never thought I would say that!

Glasgow front runners offer more than just fun runs/programmes, the group is growing every week and is filled with so many lovely, welcoming and encouraging people who include everyone in various social events and monthly nights out.

The jog leaders are (usually!!) kind…and no one EVER gets left behind.
The motto is true… it doesn’t matter how slow you go…you’re lapping everyone that’s sitting on the couch!