Coaching and Training

Coaching and Training

Improve your running

Run or walk with GFR and get fitter, faster, and make great friends.

Running with GFR will help develop your speed, strength, coordination, flexibility, and endurance. GFR welcomes runners of all abilities. Our runs are supported by our Jog Scotland qualified Jog Leaders and Scottish Athletics Coaches in Running Fitness (CiRF).

New for June 2018 is our Walk to Fitness group. Meeting on Sundays the walking group is for those people who are not ready to run, or are injured, but still want to get fit. Each group will be lead by a walk leader. Sessions will involve walking at various paces, slow and faster to help boost your fitness. There may be a little hill, there may be a few steps, but there will also be lots of fun!

Where do we meet?

Inside the foyer of the Arc Gym with Glasgow Caledonian University (opposite Buchanan Bus Station)

Thursday Run 6:30pm

Thursday nights offer a range of different distances, 5, 7.5, and 10k (with fast and slower paced 10k groups). At certain times of the year when we are offering marathon and half-marathon training the fast 10km is replaced with a dedicated pacing training session which is suitable for ALL runners in training. See below for our training dates.

Meet from 6.15pm ready to start promptly at 6:30pm. Every week we offer a range runs catering for all abilities.

On the last Thursday of each month we offer an all-club session where we run together.

Sunday Run 10:45am

Sunday runs offer 5, 7.5, and 10k distances. Because it’s a Sunday we also offer longer distances, up to 20k which vary on a weekly basis. We provide support for runners training for a marathon or half-marathon and we hold our longer distance training runs on Sundays during marathon and half-marathon training periods. We meet from 10:30am ready to start promptly at 10:45am.

Tuesday Run – 7pm

Tuesday runs are GFR training nights. Training nights are all about improving your running technique. These nights are suitable for runners of ALL abilities who want to get faster or just improve their fitness level. Sessions are adapted to individual training goals. Training sessions are supported by our Scottish Athletics qualified Coaches. We vary the training activity each week with details posted on the GFR facebook page. These sessions include:

·       Hill sessions – running up and down hills helps to improve your fitness by building strength and stamina. The benefits are also seen running on the flat which translates into increased speed and stamina. Beginners will start with short hill repeats with more advanced runners attempting larger hills and increased reps. 

·       Track sessions – Track running can improve your running by leaps and bounds. Coaches can give advice on your running technique and runners learn more about their training and race paces. We meet at Scotstoun Leisure Centre for our monthly track session. Track sessions help increase raw speed, stride power, running economy, and general endurance. The sessions vary the distances between, 100m, 200m, 300m, 400m distances depending on training goals. Cost £2 to members or £4.80 to non-members. Please check our facebook events page and Club Member Zone for dates of Track Sessions. 

·       Time Trials – The goal is to run 1 mile at your best 5k pace. Take a rest and then do again. Aim to repeat 3-5 times. This will improve your endurance, fitness and speed.

Thinking about a race? Our Scottish Athletics qualified Coaches in Running Fitness and or JogScotland-qualified Jog Leaders can help you improve your running and your PBs.

Training Groups

We provide various training groups throughout the year, for a variety of distances and events. Here are our training groups for 2018:

Couch to 5K
Duration: 9 Weeks
Training Starts: 04/01/2018
Race: Victoria Parkrun, 03/03/2018

Marathon Training (Winter)
Duration: 14 Weeks
Training Starts: 01/01/2018
Race: Manchester Marathon, 08/04/2018

Half Marathon Training (Spring)
Duration: 12 Weeks
Training Starts: 19/03/2018
Race: Skye Half Marathon, 09/06/2018

5K to 10K
Duration: 8 Weeks
Training Starts: 22/04/2018
Races: Great Women’s Run, 10/06/2018 and Men’s Health 10K, 17/06/2018

Half Marathon Training (Summer)
Duration: 12 Weeks
Training Starts: 09/07/2018
Race: Great Scottish Run, 30/09/2018

Marathon Training (Summer)
Duration: 14 Weeks
Training Starts: 08/07/2018
Race: Brussels Marathon, 07/10/2018

Information about the marathon training plan, including a downloadable PDF version is available to Club members via our dedicated Facebook group for marathon training. Please ask one of our coaches or committee members for details on how to sign up to the group.