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Couch to 5k – A 2015 Graduate by Andy Monk

March 7th, 2016

Phew! I just got back from the Couch to 5k Graduation run at Victoria Park. Well done to all the new 5k graduates, looking forward to seeing you all in the regular running groups in the weeks to come!

I joined the C25K group last year, and I can easily say it was the best thing I did since moving up to Glasgow late in 2014. I vividly remember the first night – where after about a minute most of us were out of breath and holding out for the first walking interval. 9 weeks later, we all took part in the same graduation run (although it was much, much wetter than today!). This turned out just to be the first step in my new found love of running.

The next event was the Men’s Health 10k in June 2015. I’m not going to pretend this was easy – I struggled. A lot. I felt very sick at the end. But at least I had made that jump from 5k to 10k, determined that next time would be more comfortable.

Men's 10k 2015

Men’s Health 10k – All the boys together!

After a lovely Glasgow summer, the next big event was the Great Scottish Run 10k. After lots of training, including extra runs with Susan and Patrick on Tuesdays, I was ready to power up St. Vincent Street! This has to be my favourite running event to date. The atmosphere was incredible, the bagpipes were a lovely touch, and the Wall of Support was a really great idea and kept me going to the Green. The aim was to get a sub-hour time. In the end I did much better than anticipated, finishing the race in 53:03, shaving over 7 minutes from my previous time!


At the finish line of the GSR 2015

Next up on my running adventure is the Edinburgh Half Marathon in May, and the Munich Marathon in October. I’m also going to be doing the Jog Leader training at some point soon, so I might see you on one of my runs later on!

If you are reading this and you are thinking of joining Glasgow FrontRunners, just come along and give us a try. We are a really friendly bunch, and you’ll surprise yourself at how much easier it is to run with great company.

Finally I want to take the chance to thank everyone at GFR for all their support, and for helping to make Glasgow my new home.