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Meeting Minutes

November 2nd, 2012

Meeting Opened and Chaired by Mike Wilkie


1 – Co-opting of new Committee Members

In order to complete a working Committee, and in accordance with the process laid down in the Constitution, the Committee has co-opted Jamie Sterling and Deborah Hill as Committee Members – being the only other 2 Members who put themselves forward as potential Committee candidates at the AGM vote. This will take immediate effect and will be announced at the run on Thursday 1st November. Roles have not been specified as yet. [MW]


2 – Committee Member Role Profiles

This will be reviewed at the next Committee meeting, when all 6 Committee Members will be present.


3 – Funding

All account information is in the process of being transferred to the new Committee Treasurer.

The Committee are immediately going to submit a funding application to Clydesdale Bank on Monday 5th November for up to £500 (this money would be unrestricted).

Other funding applications that are initially being considered are:


4 – Club Status

Club is currently a ‘Dormant Limited Company’; the Committee are looking into other options that would offer greater benefits (mainly financial) to the club. [MW, AB, AC, MM]


5 – Banking

Changing of Account Holder names and Signatories is currently taking place. [AC]


6 – Membership

In order to rationalise the collection of Membership Fees, and to help with budget Planning, the Committee are immediately looking at a move towards a single set Membership Renewal Date – most likely 1st August, to coincide with the following AGM. As Fees, and the collection thereof are quite specifically detailed in the Constitution, this may require a membership vote on the change. [MW, AB, AC, MM]


7 – Initial Key targeted expenditure

The following areas have been identified as where the clubs initial expenditure must be targeted


8 – Physical Stock Take

The Committee are currently taking stock of all its assets; this includes unsold clothing and promotional materials. [AB]


9 – Social Media/Website

Admin protocols are being reviewed with regards to Social Media, as part of the new Committee handover; also there is an ongoing investigation into the current status of the new GFR website. It is the Committee’s intention to have an up to date, continually updated website up and running as soon as possible.


10 – Jog Leaders

The Committee would like to extend their sincere gratitude for the excellent job that Jog Leaders are doing, they are a core part to the success of GFR. It is also very much appreciated that resources are limited in regards to Jog Leaders (especially when there is illness and injury) at present. As noted under Item 8, the Committee acknowledges the current difficulties, and has prioritised new Jog Leader training, as a key initial spend, in order to try and alleviate these difficulties as soon as possible.


The Committee also noted that the Jog Leaders now hold separate planning meetings, and would intend that the minutes from future Jog Leader meetings be distributed alongside the Committee meeting minutes. [MM]


11 – Charity

The Committee are very keen to prioritise securing the financial future of GFR and at this time we have decided not to nominate a specific charity for this year. This also helps us keep open further options for how the Club should be set up, as noted under Item 5.0. It would remain, however, our intention to retain the programme of Fun-runs, previously organised, to help raise money for Children in Need and Comic Relief. The Committee would like to thank members who took the time to offer suggestions.


12 – AOCB

12.1 Park Run – The Committee would like to promote Park Run amongst its members, this is an ideal way to get an extra run in during the week (Saturday Morning) and receive an official time for a 5k route. More information will be available at Thursday evening runs. [MM]

12.2 Races – By the end of the year the Committee will have compiled a list of 2013 races that we intend encouraging all GFR members to participate in – as Club Runners. To enhance the ‘sense of club’, we are undertaking to have new club colours and vests available for the membership, well in time for the first race.

The current club colours and vest/top designs are fairly specifically detailed under the current Constitution, and again a membership vote may be required to arrive at a solution that is acceptable and affordable. [MM/AC/MW]

12.3 Rainbow Run – The Committee acknowledged that the ‘Rainbow Run’ was a major success last year and are keen to make this an annual event. It is hoped that the 2013 run will enjoy the same levels of support from the members, as there was a good level of participation and excellent feedback.

12.4 Outrun – A significant amount of investigation, research and work was done in looking at GFR staging an LGBT friendly and all-inclusive 5k race/fun-run, by last year’s Committee. It is the new Committee’s intention to resurrect this proposal, and make all efforts necessary to make this happen in 2013

12.5 2014 Commonwealth Games – We now know that the volunteer names for the 2014 Commonwealth Games is to be ‘Frontrunners’. As the name is linked to our club the Committee will approach the 2014 Games Organisers and will seek to explore any possibilities of the Club being involved in some way, as the name (under the International banner), is actually protected. The Committee will also explore any benefits the Club may enjoy as part of the “Games Legacy”

12.6 Constitution/Early EGM – with respect to a number of items discussed and minuted, in particular under the above noted Items 7 and 13.2, the Committee will look now towards arranging an EGM, in order to allow any current proposals to be achievable through a revised Constitution and the backing of the Membership.