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Meeting Minutes

December 6th, 2012

Attendees: Mike Wilkie, Andrew Beglin, Andrew Crumpton, Jamie Sterling and Melanie McDevitt.

Apologies: Deborah Hill.


1.0           Previous Minutes

The previous minutes were agreed by the Committee as a true record of the last meeting.


2.0           President’s Report

Kevin Boyle has been in contact regarding new website suggesting the club re-establish its links page that was on the previous website. The previous links will be investigated and relevant ones added to the new website.

Announcement on Facebook and at the warm-up circle for anyone wishing to become a Jog Leader. [MW]


3.0           Secretary’s Report

SAL fees to be paid on Friday 7th December 2012 along with a submission of new club colours. Rainbow Run info and logo to be decided and sent to Amy Murphy. [AB]


4.0           Treasurer’s Report

Funding Applications submitted to Clydesdale Bank and LGBT History Month fund.

Current Financial Position:


Current Balance Left ~ £480


5.0           Jog Secretary’s Report


6.0           Communication’s Report

The website launch has been successful with positive feedback, a social media policy has been drafted and once agreed will be part of the Club’s Code of Conduct. [JS]


7.0           EGM 13.12.12

It is required to have 10 members present with 6 in favour for changes to be made to the constitution. The Committee have decided that it would require a majority vote of present members to change membership fees. All outcomes will be published on Facebook.


8.0           Running Vests

Further discussions are taking place about production and costings, once the Committee receive confirmation from SAL then this can be finalized.


9.0           Action List

The Committee action list was read through and updates made.


10.0        AOCB

Christmas Run Schedule – looking to carry out runs when the Arc is closed, these will be posted on Facebook. [MM]

Creating Events and Sharing/Inviting protocols, on Facebook – the Committee have been briefed about the best way to create and share events on Facebook.