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Meeting Minutes

January 10th, 2013

Attendees: Mike Wilkie, Andrew Beglin, Andrew Crumpton, Jamie Sterling.

Apologies: Melanie McDevitt.


1.0           Previous Minutes

The previous minutes were agreed by the Committee as a true record of the last meeting.


2.0           President’s Report

Due to work commitments and study, Deborah Hill has submitted a letter of resignation from the committee. The committee regretted Deborah’s resignation, however agreed that her work and studies must come first, and reluctantly accepted it.

Still issues with social media event posting that need to be resolved.

No word from Brian Donaldson over the festive period so will send a New Year email. [MW]


3.0           Secretary’s Report

Read out emails received since last meeting.


4.0           Treasurer’s Report

Submitting a Funding Application to Betfred for their small sporting grant. [AC]

Looking into funding 2 coaches.

Allocations still ongoing as members join and renew.

Current balance is relatively healthy, no exact figures to report.


5.0           Jog Secretary’s Report

Progressing with 2013 Race Calendar. [MM]


6.0           Communication’s Report

Well received Christmas and New Year promotion.

Going Forward – Email out to non-live members, Marketing, Partner Organisation, Social Media boost and Feedback section on website. [JS]


7.0           Running Vest production

Bar-One located in the Laurieston area of Glasgow has been selected as our preferred manufacturer, images will be put up on website/facebook and there will be blank tops for members to try on at the Thursday run on 17/01/13. [AC,JS]


8.0           Rainbow Run

An event will be created on Facebook, make enquiries about using the Arc, contact Highland Spring, California Raisins and Mars for potential goodie bag freebies. [JS, MW, AC]


9.0           Brian Donaldson

Send an email now it is the new year, also make enquiries about Club name not appearing when members sign up to enter races. [MW]


10.0        New Year, New  Member recruitment strategy

Previously discussed.


11.0        Funding Applications ‘Party’

Andrew C to set an agenda, send an invite Nicky Imrie. [AC]


12.0        New Jog Leader’s ‘pay back’ and rolling out to existing Jog Leaders

Update and distribute document. [MW]

Scheduling issues to be looked into further. [MM]


13.0        Coaching course

Asking for funding to train up two coaches.


14.0        AOCB