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Meeting Minutes

February 27th, 2013

Attendees: Mike Wilkie, Andrew Crumpton, Jamie Sterling, Nicky Imrie.

Apologies: Andrew Beglin.


1.0           Previous Minutes

The previous minutes were agreed by the Committee as a true record of the last meeting.


2.0           President’s Report

Unfortunately Mel McDevitt has had to resign as the Jog Secretary and from the Committee.

Mike formally welcomed Nicky to the Committee, as she had accepted the remaining Committee Member’s approach. Nicky’s Role on the Committee was discussed and formally recorded in the latter part of the Meeting.

In the meantime Jamie agreed to take over the Jog Secretary Role, on the basis that the other Committee Members now shared some of the Comms tasks.

Brian Donaldson responded to the New Year email, confirming that he was still in touch, and would respond to us in time.


3.0           Secretary’s Report

New Facebook Page Like’ers are continually being messaged and encouraged to come along and try out the Club. [AB]

Contact is to be pursued with one time attendees with a view to obtaining any useful feedback on what could have encouraged more of them to return. [AB]

Emails are to also go out to current members who have got out of the habit of running regularly – again on the basis of gaining any useful feedback we require. [AB]


4.0           Treasurer’s Report

3 Funding Applications are currently being pursued. Main focus now is to obtain Coaching input to the Club [AC]

40% Grant Funding for the previously trained 3no Jog Leads (£105.00) was received from Glasgow Life/Sports, and the Club offered their thanks on behalf of the Membership.

Kit money income is being saved in reserve to allow future stock funding in advance, however to date sales have been very strong. [AC]

Those members still to pay for their orders are to be reminded, so that the next batch of ordering can be started. [AC]

SAL Allocations still ongoing as members join and renew. [AC]

IFR (International Frontrunners) Fees are falling due soon, and finances have been set aside to cover them accordingly. [AB/AC]

Current balance is relatively healthy, with approx £200 sitting in the Current Account.


5.0           Jog Secretary’s Report

As noted Jamie Sterling will now step in to the Jog Secretary Role and carry out the rota-ing of the Jog Leaders [JS]

The next round of Jog Leader training will take place on 24th March 2013, and will see Vicky Robertson and Miriam Velencia join the ranks of volunteers, as well as increasing the number of women we can call upon to help out. [AC/JS]

A suggestion was made to have new Jog Leaders buddy-up with existing leaders, in order that they can become more familiarized with recognized set distance routes, at first. [JS/JLF]


6.0           Communication’s Report

Committee thanked Jamie and Mike for the success of the Rainbow Run press release and pre-publicity. Many new and good contacts have been established for the future. The story was picked up by:


Glasgow Athletics

The Glaswegian

Leap Sports

amongst others…

In her new role, it is now hoped that Nicky can now pick up and extend/concentrate Comms into the LGBT community more. [NI]


7.0           Rainbow Run

Having discussed the numbers attending, the large proportion of new people visiting the club and the publicity generated, it was felt – on balance, that the day/event was a success, and that we should plan for holding the event again next year. [ALL]

The cost to the club was minimal £20 in total.

Whilst the post-run publicity generated was great, it was felt that the Run would benefit more in the future from a more concentrated build-up to the event. Now that there is a wider network of contacts, and issues such as web-design and new kit won’t occupy the club so much in the future, it is hoped that this can happen.

Emails of welcome and thanks for supporting us are to be sent to the new visitors who came along on the day.

As noted, one of the great benefits to the Club during the build up was the amount of new friends and contacts the Club has now secured in both Running and LGBT communities.


8.0           Outrun

Being guarded about the Club’s ability to organize and run such an event – successfully, on their own, it was felt that a sensible initial move would be to try and arrange a meeting with certain individuals and agencies who have voiced intentions of supporting the Club and such events in the past. [MW/NI]


9.0           Park Run

It was again agreed that this was an excellent event that the membership should be encouraged to attend. It would help the Club build a record of Member’s best 5km times, and help with tracking progress of individual members. It was thought perhaps a ‘heralded’ Event may be the best way to start things off. [JS/MW]


10.0        Women’s 10k Race Event 12:05:13

Event to be continually plugged at the warm-up circle, and all women members encouraged to enter and take part. [ALL]


11.0        Men’s Health 10k Race Event 16:06:13

Formal Club Event to now be created and all male members encouraged to enter and take part. [ALL]


12.0        LEAP Sports Scotland’s Development Day 23:03:13

Notice of Interest has been invited from the Membership, and Jamie Sterling; Clare Suckling and Andrew Beglin are now booked in to attend. Anyone else expressing an interest may still be considered, however a specific request would have to be made to LEAP.

In preparation the Club should discuss and invite suggestions on what the Club expects from LEAP and the day itself. This should be carried out in advance and the attendees armed with the results. [ALL]


13.0        Nicky Imrie/Outreach Secretary Role

In discussions to determine the areas where the Committee now needs help, it was agreed that Nicky would mainly fulfill a Community Outreach remit. This will involve reinforcing and building upon existing LGBT Community links and associations, as well as developing new ones. There will be an element of Communications (thus relieving Jamie somewhat for his new Role) as it will involve educating the Community on GFR and all that we offer. As always, however Nicky will also have the assistance and support of the other Committee Members, and hopefully the Membership as a whole.

Clare Suckling – whilst unable to assume a full Committee Role, has agreed to help out as far as she can with repect to the Outreach role, as well as assisting Nicky in representing the views and aspirations of the Female Membership at Committee level.

The Club is also going through the SAL Club Accreditation scheme, and Nicky will also assume ownership of this process. It is felt that Club Accreditation would help the club in it’s development as well as facilitating some of the funding application processes.

14.0        Club Promotion

Beyond the Maintaining of the Race Calendar and administration of the Regular Run Nights, the Committee are now looking to carry out a concerted promotional drive for new members.

Initial discussions have been held, and certain elements involved in the Club Accreditation have already prompted the development of some material.

The Membership, however are to be consulted in ways and means of promoting the Club, and views on where, when and to whom the Club should be promoted are to be invited.


15.0        Next Meeting

No further matters were arising, and the next Committee Meeting is to be advised.