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Meeting Minutes

July 1st, 2013

Attendees:      Mike Wilkie, Andrew Beglin, Jamie Sterling and Nicky Imrie.

Apologies:       Clare Suckling


1.0           Previous Minutes

The previous minutes were agreed by the Committee as a true record of the last meeting.


2.0           Accreditation

Nicky to ask each committee member to carry out specific tasks, looking to have Accreditation award in time for AGM/Awards Dinner [NI]


3.0           Andrew Crumpton – Resignation

Andrew Crumpton has handed in his resignation to the Committee (see attached email). The committee have accepted his resignation and named Jamie Sterling as the replacement signatory on the accounts [AB, JS]

Due to the Committee having already met their maximum co-opting quota and the notification of an EGM being a minimum of 4 weeks it has been decided that the new Treasurer role will be filled at the AGM in October.


4.0           Jog Leads

Find out what money we have available for new Jog Leads [AB]

Contact Scottish Athletics about Jog Lead, CiRF and Coaching Assistant training [MW]


5.0           Pride

Sort stall [AB]

Contact Polo [AB]

Activities at stall? [ALL]

Create FB event and announce at warm-up [ALL]


6.0           Membership Renewals

Create a database showing names, email addresses and pro rata the amount owed for renewal [AB]

Send out an email advising of payments due [JS]

Set up Direct Debit [JS]

Communicate this via FB also [MW]


7.0           Membership Cards

To be ordered and in place for 1st August 2013 [JS]


8.0           AGM

To be held on Thursday 31st October 2013 in Jewitt & Wilkie Architects office. [ALL]


9.0           Awards Dinner

To be held on Saturday 26th October 2013

Check with Hula about using them and what food options are available [AB, NI]

Entertainment and Awards Categories [ALL]

Ask if Bella Houston would compere the evening [MW]


10.0        Posters

A3 and A4 posters to be designed, printed and distributed to members [JS, MW]


11.0        AOCB



12.0        Next Meeting

To be advised.